Join me in July

An exploration,
A celebration,
A deep dive….
As we come Back Home.
Meeting pain and blockages like dear old friends 
We shall Breathe and help them express, release, melt
And open us to space, freedom, lightness
And the vital power to be who we are once again,
Filled with the joy of Life in this Body!


"A Gift of Life in this Body" Zoom class series July 6-30 via recordings or live on Thursdays and Sundays.

(9am USA PT, 12pm USA ET, 5pm UK, 6pm CEST, 7pm EEST)


Space is your place

Just watching, just observing, just understanding. This is how our lives form and how we unfold into who we are. We learn a lot from the cats that came around us. In our yoga classes we teach about their tails and about their distance they keep between them. Their ability to say NO! And if you have been in our classes, you might remember that advice we sometimes give:”Before you do anything we suggest ( for all we give out are “serving suggestions”), just say no and see what comes up in this waiting time”. For it is all about learning from listening to your self on many levels!

A merry Christmas and a real happy New Year

The real environment is more chaotic then than artificial viral technical ones that promise you a more comfortable lifestyle away from the fearful and unpredictable real world.
A bit of Snow White’s bite in the apple of her stepmother putting her into unconscious sleep. and shouldn’t we all be blessed by a kiss of the prince?
How far do you trust the fake mother in dealing with your beautiful freedom?

We wish you a real Christmas without your tree, onto its trunks Christ was nailed to die.

The real meaning of domes and dominion

According to Genesis, God gave dominion over nature, which is definitely different from domination! In fact it is pointing out that there is a limited amount of space around anything which can be protected. This is because of the limitation that domes create.A king might be able to inherit or conquer a “kingdom” but is that king able to look after this from where he settles down, or does he has to appoint many helpers, who need to be paid and now is forced to demand taxes from the ones that live in his domain. This is the start of domination and control.

SPACE: Living In and Beyond this Body

Welcome back dear friends for three or six slow and deep Zoom sessions before the Winter holidays!

For those of you who have joined before, it will be a continuation and deepening of your personal process and discovering more of YOU! For new-comers… just come with no expectations and allow your body to be your guide!

Looking forward to being with you all

With love

Living In and Beyond this Body

A Farewell to Summer... (Online Class, 9/8)

Dear Friends,

I am offering a special Zoom Session designed to give you deep rest. Summer is beautiful, wild and sometimes stressful with all the activities, friends, families, long days, excitement and and . . . !

If you feel the need to just lie down and be guided into deep releases, unwinding tensions gathered over the last months, returning to a safe place of comfort, rest and revival deep inside . . . then join me for a SUBTERRANEAN JOURNEY!



"In these May sessions, we shall explore breath and movement to bring about inner spaciousness, energy, and a joyful presence. If we live vibrantly in our bodies, everyday experiences offer deeper meaning, we see situations more clearly and delight in simply being alive! This series will be a chance to meet ourselves in many different ways and places from the inside-out!" ~ Angela

Series of four or eight 90-minute Zoom classes. Join live or via recordings.


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