During my practice coming into contact with the darkness of the Cosmic egg’s black hole, suddenly Ganesha, the overcomer of obstacles and bringer of light suddenly appeared

Did I believe in black magic? Yes but white magic is connected and being born out of darkness

Looking for GOD’s face

At 18, a longing to find out from where this confrontation with my religious feelings came from, put me into a vision as I woke up one morning in bed….. “GOD became visible through creation and has not one visible face, but the many faces belonging to those who connected with this energetic Being! Faces of sheep, of cats, or humans, we are all part of this creative energy and all have religious souls even if we live in total denial. For that soul energy has given us this magic life.”

The damages of choices made through superimposing promises in the future

Today there is yet another war similar to the second world war in which I spend the first five years of my life under German occupation of Holland with lack of food and sitting in darkness with cooking pots on our heads on our cellar’s staircase as the whistling sounds of bombs flying over our house direction England.

The gift of life

Settling in our birthplace and getting educated, we meet a whole arrange of influences. As we pick up some experiences more than others, depending on them fitting in with our inner strength of attraction from all our possible different internal physical and emotional or mental levels. We will have to protect ourselves from this multitude of impressions of whatever we can’t handle at times, but never closing off from looking openly into what is reflected upon the mirror of our life.

Loving Kindness (Zoom Series)

Dear friends,

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Summer and are feeling ready to explore more openings and unwinding in our up-coming November Zoom sessions? Like a snail slowly emerging from its shell we shall find ways to meet ourselves in many new places……creating space, warmth and presence.

Kindness is not always soft and cosy!


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