A Farewell to Summer... (Online Class, 9/8)

Dear Friends,

I am offering a special Zoom Session designed to give you deep rest. Summer is beautiful, wild and sometimes stressful with all the activities, friends, families, long days, excitement and and . . . !

If you feel the need to just lie down and be guided into deep releases, unwinding tensions gathered over the last months, returning to a safe place of comfort, rest and revival deep inside . . . then join me for a SUBTERRANEAN JOURNEY!

Of course you can move, stretch, roll or dance . . . as it is YOUR time for whatever emerges, but the emphasis will be on dissolving within ourselves and the mysterious magic that waits to be uncovered . . . Be warned that you may fall away into deep sleep!

With Love and Delight,



Info and Registration:

A Farewell to Summer... Easing into the Calm of Early Autumn
September 8th: Greece 7pm, Uk 5pm, USA 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific
$45 Recording Included