Interview on J. Brown Yoga Talks Podcast

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Victor and Angela recently spoke with J Brown from the popular J Brown Yoga Talks podcast. J's enthusiasm for slowing down and gently disrupting rigid models of yoga asana (and the yoga scene, in general) made for a delightful conversation that many of Victor and Angela's students will enjoy. Tune in on your favorite podcast app or right from J Brown's website.

From the show notes:

"Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten talk with J about exploring our inner worlds and the power of formlessness. They discuss their early experiences with BKS Iyengar, how things changed over time and deciding to go a different way, fear-based teaching vs permission to make your own determinations, playfulness rather than striving, tapping into our "animal insides," feeling into things rather than thinking them, relinquishing control, receiving natures wisdom, and honoring the elemental part of ourselves and the environment."