Letter to Our Friends (2023 Workshops)

Dear yoga practitioners,

We are looking forward to continue our two- week courses in our yoga hall in the Eftalou valley in 2023! For all you old time visitors: there are some changes that are in the air.

There is a renewed Hotel Molyvos 2 directly underneath us which has promised to open during this coming season. It has a direct access to the Aegean Sea with a wide beach area. We are still uncertain about what is happening with our well-known and loved Eftalou restaurant, since Manolis and Heidi want to stop running it..  every thing else is still fairly unchanged and to us rather unique and special!

We hope to welcome many first time students to discover our slightly different views on what yoga means to us, since our personal yoga practice is continuing to penetrate more deeply into the internal experience of the magic of living.

We hope you will have the opportunity to join us whenever you can.

With our best wishes for your new year of 2023,

angela and victor

March 18 - 19.  Angela and Victor.  London.  Linda d’Antal organizer
May 1 - 12.  Angela.  Eftalou.  Women’s Course.  Patricia Schneider organizer
June 5 - 17.  Angela and Victor.  Eftalou.  June Course.  Patricia Schneider organizer
September 4 - 16.  Angela and Victor.  Eftalou.  September Course.  Patricia Schneider organizer
October 9 - 20.  Angela.  Eftalou.  Women’s Course.  Patricia Schneider organizer