Spring Zoom Series

Dear Friends,

Many greetings from the valley of Eftalou on Lesvos, where Spring is in full bloom with flowers and buds unfolding by the day!

Sun, showers, light wind and sometimes a storm clear the air … leaving hope and gratitude for the year ahead.

I trust you are all in good health and finding harmony within your lives.

We shall be back soon in the Zoom studio for more exciting explorations and unwinding….this time on Tuesdays and Sundays, April 14 - 30.

There is no end to the layers of self-defense, anxiety, fear and holding that we can release from our bodies, allowing space and freedom to breathe more fully. We meet ourselves then fully in the present …how wonderful is that!! Let’s continue together on this journey with awareness on how form and spirit, body and emotion weave together for truth, peace and harmony.

Looking forward to this practice with you!

Spring Zoom Series Info and Registration

With love