Tree of Life (March Zoom Series)

Angela pictured next to the trunk of a large tree

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Dear Friends and Students,

With the light and promise of Spring approaching, Earth-energy is rising to bring us renewed love in living, as we dive further into sacred practice . . . on our way home to ourselves!

This journey back to a 'personal truth' is as ancient as our time on this planet and has forever been connected with the great wisdom of TREES, that preceded us by thousands if not millions of years!

Our March series is about living our 'TREE-NESS'!

  1. The energy that takes us underground through our roots, gives us stability, nourishment, and comfort.
  2. Our blood that carries life-giving energy to every cell of our bodies is intimately connected through breath with the trees.
  3. Internal power from all our inner-body work and exploration . . . helps us to remain back in ourselves and in this moment . . . close to our True Voice.
  4. Like branches expanding out from the heart and lungs we embrace the miracle of being Alive and find ways to share this.
  5. Finally and silently we rest in the stillness of being . . . space and light.

My hope is to offer experiences that you may use and evolve further for times of stress or uncertainty to remain grounded, empowered, sure of where you stand, and to feel who you truly are!

There will be time in each session to continue our exploration of breath, prayer, and meditation. If you have a question or request (that can be put in one sentence!) please let me know.

The theme is constant but each session will be different!

Thank you once again for all your healing thoughts, words, and prayers.

Slowly and little by little . . . life and movement returns. I am not the same, but that is OK and gratitude is immense!

With love to you all,