Albuquerque, New Mexico...........High Desert Yoga

Photo of the entrance to High Desert Yoga

The entrance to High Desert Yoga

Photo of Rama Joti Vernon


Photo of Angela Farmer, Victor van Kooten and Rama Joti Vernon
Picture of Cotton-wood tree outside Zoreh and Charlie's house.

Cotton-wood tree outside Zoreh and Charlie's house.

Once again we traveled back from the East coast, west across the continent to New Mexico and the beautiful home of Charlie and Zoreh where we had one day to rest and receive an Ayurvedic massage from Melissa Spammer before starting the four day teaching event with Rama Joti Vernon.

The "Reunion of Friends" as it was called was held in the beautiful High Desert Yoga Studio while outside the 'first of the year' snow fell softly.
We had not met up for several years and so this was somewhat experimental to interweave our teachings sometimes together and sometimes separately.
For any teacher used to teaching on their own, to teach together with another is a huge challenge and rarely undertaken. Victor and I are pretty much exceptions so we ended up in this workshop just each teacher having there own time.
Rama has a rich background of Yoga having hosted many of the very first Indian Yogis who came to the USA, in her own home in San Francisco. She is also known for her work in the political field especially in teaching Conflict Resolution using Yoga as the basis for developing peaceful communication between opposing sides. In these classes she worked a lot with the breath and wove in some Sanskrit sounds, chants and connected the Asanas with the wisdom of the Sutras.
We could only gave glimpses of Yoga from our different angles and like the trees that drop or scatter their seeds there is no way and it is not required to know where or how those seeds will fall or grow. One thing for sure was that we felt from the students such open hearts and minds that surely those seeds will find a way to grow each in its own way!