Archetypical Awareness of Duality

Awareness needs space and a total acceptance of what we are, not only this or only that. But all the colors of the rainbow. It asks for a certain detachment. The sun can't shine all the light through the thick rainclouds, yet with some space between the sun and the rain falling , we become aware of the colors of the appearing rainbow.
Adam and Eve walking as one with trees and creatures in paradise were told not to eat the fruits from the tree of good and evil, the tree of duality that would throw them out of this state of unity. But the energy that gives birth to everything demands this consuming of duality!s fruitfulness and so the snake sitting in this tree tempted the humans to eat and become able to see two sides of everything. ( I found it always silly to see paintings depicting the shameful state that came over them with some accidental arrival of leaves in front of their genitalia, whereas we are teaching the rooting down into the earth, for we are still a hundred percent part of nature).
The sin is the inescapable blessing of living on this planet. The snake in the tree of life is the healing symbol of the energetic force that moves around the spinal energy, widening and narrowing , inhaling and exhaling.
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.