Awareness of Chaos and Knowing ( a watercolor)

Sitting and facing an empty sheet of watercolor paper, I find myself in a state where I give all controll away and waiting for whatever will come. I feel rather helpless and float in a state of Chaos.
Through my yoga practice I connect with that similar state by desolving whatever has clung to me, grabbing me as if it were essential to my existence ...a curious state of "not-knowing".
Out of this state of Chaos questions rise, waves apearing on the surface of a deep ocean. And answers are the offering of a temporal formation, giving a stability until the answer looses its meaning and falls back into the Chaos where it belonged.

A New Year is only new when the Old Year has been left behind.
( do not take what you believe in and have relied on, into your present moment, even if it has been accepted to have withstood the tooth of time, historic facts or a holy book)

We are gifted both with Ignorance and Knowledge, but are we able to accept that fact and give our attention to them equally?

Science and Religeon both have a place in our lives, but are we able to accept that and question their meaningfulness ?

We are refugees living in Chaos with no identity papers and no country nor properties, yet we are citizens living in a preset world of laws and rules, trying to forget our vulnerabillity while we ride on the wave of this moment....