The Nature And Us/The Nature In Us

These days of forced quiet times, being locked in our sheltering homes, homes we built to protect us from the unpredictable and for ever changing Natural influences, could make us realize that Nature is the only Reality which seems to have the first and last word.
Being born out of a natural process of lovemaking and ending in death through the natural process of decay.
What we have done in between these two events is different for everyone, except for the fact that it did not change Nature itself in any possible way. We have created systems: economic-,religious-,philosophical- and medical-systems, but Nature remains essentially untamed and untouched by all of it.....
If we watch Nature in the animals and in the plants and trees all around us, we are able to recognize a bit of ourselves in these observations! Or we could still hold on with ignorance that we humans are the crown of Nature’s species, being It’s highest developmental state...Making us responsible for it’s well-being and therefore we are to decide what to do with this living planet and if possible the whole of this universe.
Of all that the Yoga Systems is able to offer us, “Self-Reflection” might be the only important one. Without that all the other practices might lead to the arrogance that will keep the systems more important than that which “Natural Life” already offers!