Nature of us

As someone who clearly depends on what nature has given me and who was always willing to study all my given aspects of being alive, even opening up to all the unborn forms hidden in still invisible layers, I react to the need of people to manipulate, misuse and deform nature for their own financial benefits.
A lot of what happens in the human mind comes directly from the separation: humans and other animals.

We have created a gap and live a protected life and in doing so we lost the essence of our own being. This became the cultural norm of humanity. We became dependent on controlling our direct environment with clothing, houses and temperatures and many external communication systems.

Where is our inner world and the deep connection with this living force? This was the reason for me to turn away from what WAS to what IS! Putting a question mark on the future that promises whatever our own mind or “the experts” are able to create.

The leaf that Angela brought in, gave me the inspiration to photograph half of its surface in order to show these warm energy veins that formed as it worked itself into existence. I thought they looked just “LIKE” people wandering through the light-giving woods.

“LIKE”, a wonderfully overused word connected with the fantasyland of our imagination. The stories the yogis told in an attempt to describe their inner experiences with the help of visible outer world examples, as well as the writers of all religious books spread over humanity, Indians, Eskimos, Aborigines, Muslims, Christians and even scientists.
We all are tempted to describe the internal revelations that seem to pop up from nowhere! This clearly is the main reason why I practice this inward-directed search, finding my own internal awakenings. And I would encourage anyone to do the same: BE HERE NOW, for this will give you more and more courage to live with out the fear of the future.

These veins in a leaf are also your veins and by living a life of internalized connection with our world, we are able tho live life fully