The real meaning of domes and dominion

According to Genesis, God gave dominion over nature, which is definitely different from domination! In fact it is pointing out that there is a limited amount of space around anything which can be protected. This is because of the limitation that domes create.A king might be able to inherit or conquer a “kingdom” but is that king able to look after this from where he settles down, or does he has to appoint many helpers, who need to be paid and now is forced to demand taxes from the ones that live in his domain. This is the start of domination and control.

These physical domes are self created by the energy stream, the consciousness that runs through the universe since everything began.
( sorry, I forgot to say that what I am writing here has absolutely no use to anyone who believes that the Earth is flat!)
The Earth is a dome as well as stars, moon, planets and our sun. This is the reason why so many treetops end up with different dome shapes according to how much energy they are able to use because of the types of minerals are aválale in the environment. The domes are a welcome limitation in order to contain the rising energy stream to be held and transformed into its own live-giving power. A guarantee to have dominion and contemplation on our given talents and how to use our actions in serving this domain around us.

Like the Bible, there are many other books that come out of the Nature of creation. There are plenty of creative ways to describe our existence on earth. The more the better and it adds to experience the richness of our universe. For we are all fountains of this life force which bubbles up out of seemingly nowhere. Consciousness has a curious side, but no end and no beginning and has no form and no face. So just enjoy your many domes, I would say! And look after your own domain as much as you are able to do, for it will make you happier the deeper you go inside your own domes.
The domes of your arches in your feet
The domes from the lower outer ankles to the higher inner ankles
The dome of your perineum
The dome from your outer hipbones to the higher middle of your sacrum
The dome of your diaphragm
The dome above you lungs in your upper chest
The dome of your upper palate
The dome underneath your scull cap
And all but not least, the ozone layer high above your domes which tells you that with the dome of the earth you are standing on, it is all a gift! Please unwrap it carefully, without cutting it open!
Bless your all, victor