The senses are part of the creation

Yoga is the study of life, our personal being and Everything that has been given to us. It should not exclude our senses, our sensitivety, our sensuality, our sexoality, our fears and our longings, our personal wishes.
We have to start with an acceptance of our reality and explore the roots of where they originate from. Part of our reality might be impressed on our lives and rubbed in as inescapable truths. And yet, something tells us that these are not really true for us, when we listen deeply into ourselves as we take the time to do this. To deeply connect to the hidden gifts inside us, takes time. For yoga we need to take the time to refine our feelings, our sensitivity and have the courage to decide for ourselves what is right for us.
We call this meditation, we call this pranayama, we call this asana practice.
Everything is given to us and comes from what has been done before. When we do not accept what comes our way and turn away from what is presented, we will isolate ourselves and miss a chance to transform. Miss a chance to learn and come closer to our true Self, moving further away from a false imitation, able to offer something original and new to the world around us...