Space is your place

Just watching, just observing, just understanding. This is how our lives form and how we unfold into who we are. We learn a lot from the cats that came around us. In our yoga classes we teach about their tails and about their distance they keep between them. Their ability to say NO! And if you have been in our classes, you might remember that advice we sometimes give:”Before you do anything we suggest ( for all we give out are “serving suggestions”), just say no and see what comes up in this waiting time”. For it is all about learning from listening to your self on many levels! As God gave mankind dominion over nature, He gave dominion to Nature itself. To trees who need their own space, to cats needing their own space! And Space is your place also!

This does not mean that you are not able or to cuddle up and wrestle with each other to make “LOVE” or “DEFEND” your own space, for all is part of development and we better play the game to unfold the new rising of insights which come from these chosen actions.

Be attentive to when dominion transforms into domination though! For when you know your place on the chessboard of life and having your own square onto which you find yourself placed with the task to take out the opponent’s king, some personalities (chess pieces) are able to do more than pawns, although pawns come in greater numbers/supporters, all different and not separate parts of who you are….
This means that we have to use our own given dominion to play that game. Your own dominion is your place!