Spring 2016 ( or is it summer already?)

It is unbelievable to see so many people in Molyvos during the winter and upto now... I know there are fears in Lesvos that during the coming season the usual tourism will not show up and many charter flights has already been cancelled, but look at nature, look at the sea! It is all there, as if nothing has been written about the arrival of people risking their lives looking for a chance to find some peace! All the work that is done to make them feel welcome as they reach the shores of Greece, has been made into a disaster by the attitude of the EU
The willingness to fight a war against a now turned common enemy, in someone else's country seems to be accepted. The people who escape the bombs and destruction, are not accepted.
There are some films and articles that show that meeting refugees and communicating with them, is a life changing experience for both parties.
We are happy to be here and glad to see that many of our students have been happy to be here also, doing our classes as well as enthousiasicly helping with many jobs they found.
With lots of LOVE, victor