Yoga leading to the architipal layers

There is a lot of noise around religions these days. Does God exist or is it a Goddess who created the universe. Should we be more scientific and look at facts? I do like to draw and paint and my inner world is as important to me as the outer world around me.
So I made this drawing today and things come to me when I look at it.
The world is round, although it appears here to be flat....
It has four directions, four seasons, splitting it into four sections or like the cell division after fertilization, creating a cross.
If that is the Cosmic egg onto which the bird is brooding, then it is also the Tree of Life, onto which we are all crucified, since our nature is totally dependent on the environment of the Earth. The Tree of Life sprouting out of the digested autumn leaves of past.( in our human case being the bones of our ancestors)

The Sun and the Moon and all the universe being the power that sets it into motion, the strings of the puppeteer, the snakes that created our divisional path that allows us to live on this wonderfully rich planet.