Yoga is more than a pose

Here, after living in Greece for such a long period of my life, suddenly a proud feeling comes over me, for a Dutch team has scored and won... And why? I do ask myself. After all I do not care about sports. And worse: I do not like Holland either and I am happier here in this country that has been scrutenized to bits by the EU and most of the world that is ruled by economics.

I was born in the Netherlands and breathed it's air and ate the local products, fished in the local rivers and roamed the woods..
Surrounded by Dutch language and the usual school programming ....I took it all in, for this was my world!
This country's flag was different from the others. When I see it, I get it: "Holland"! It is a symbol, just like words are symbols and bring up images.
Through self study called Yoga,we are able to discover our whole given capacity. For our life is a gift and we should not leave it on the shelve, but unpack it and use it the best we can. Underneath our outer form lies so much more. When we go deep inside we come up to who we really are and we have to see how our upbringing has sometimes enriched us and sometimes confused us, clouds our vision. We have been driven into certain directions that maybe restricted our development. All the do's and don'ts we took for granted.
Underneath and behind all that grew into who we are now, is the energy that created it all and if we are able to connect and tap into that formless power, we need to let go of what we so easily swallowed... Our parents, our teachers, our friendships, our country, our flag, our asana practices, our daydreams, coming to the essence of it all.