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Anantasana. DVD by victor.

With several paintings and drawings I describe the deeper meanings and levels experienced in my own yoga practice.
It is all in service of becoming more clear about the energy body and the life-force that expresses itself in many different species we find all around us . This dvd will be made available through on our product page.

The Embodiment Conference. 14-25 October 2020

We have created a recording of a 55 minute yoga class taught by both Angela and Victor with the title ‘Between Body and Soul”. We are 2 of the 1000 presenters on yoga, trauma and social change, dance and creativity, etc. Participation is free of charge and all content will be freely available for all registered participants for at least 24 hours after live display of the sessions.....

To register for your free access to this conference, please use this link

Find the latest teachings of Angela and Victor on our “PRODUCTS” page

Due to the difficulties that the Covid-19 pandemic has created, which forced many yoga teachers and practitioners to shift to on-line teachings, we have made a 10 hour long yoga teaching that can be purchased on our products page, together with all the DVDs , CDs and books available.
May we all keep the search for greater awareness going as we develop a deeper acceptance of our ever-expending inner space.

The Nature And Us/The Nature In Us

These days of forced quiet times, being locked in our sheltering homes, homes we built to protect us from the unpredictable and for ever changing Natural influences, could make us realize that Nature is the only Reality which seems to have the first and last word.
Being born out of a natural process of lovemaking and ending in death through the natural process of decay.

Many different pots with equal contents

Only when we are able to get deeper into our internal space in a yoga practice, becoming connected with the energy which is the original mother of all that has been and will be created, we might get in tune with the values of this age of Aquarius: Showing the contents rather than staring at the pots, realizing the fact that we are all different in who we are, yet being born from the same invisible force which is responsible for our existence on Earth.

The birth of a root vegetable called mankind

Do you feel the warmth of spring opening you up? All around us in our valley buds open under the sun warming the earth. Now we notice and smell the changes that come upon us...we the people are not different from potatoes and hyacinths, specially when you get into the habit of rooting down and branching out, as we do in our yoga practice. The deep earth that feeds all our needs after we have been created and together with that warmth of the sun, makes sure that we grow and are kept in shape.

A very Happy and supple New Year

From the valley of Eftalou,where the sheep are enjoying the fresh new grass thanks to an overdose of rain.
The strong winds bring cold air from the snowy mountains of Turkey and then suddenly changing to the warmer southern dessert wind...
Some days a bleak sun breaks throug the branches of the surrounding olive trees.
Quiet times, restful times where all gets restored and prepared for those Greek summers
With many good wishes for a wonderful year, angela and victor

We are being positively crucified into the world

The practice of yoga is a playful way to experiment and discover your total dependence on the environment..
The air you breath, the water you drink, the warmth of the sun at day and the moon in the coolness of the night.
A human mistake is the wish to become independent by creating a controllable sub-environment, as this confuses the
body’s intelligence to understand the nature of transformation and weakens the immune system.

Nature is the greatest friend we have....

Yoga leading to the architipal layers

There is a lot of noise around religions these days. Does God exist or is it a Goddess who created the universe. Should we be more scientific and look at facts? I do like to draw and paint and my inner world is as important to me as the outer world around me.
So I made this drawing today and things come to me when I look at it.
The world is round, although it appears here to be flat....
It has four directions, four seasons, splitting it into four sections or like the cell division after fertilization, creating a cross.


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