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Understanding Java Batik

There is a reality that lives on the nerve and cellular level.
Now that I am getting more aware of how nerves ,after being cut, slowly
grow, using life's energy to restore pathways, over-bridging the damaged spaces.
A batik design comes to mind, where flowers , fruits, rivers and rocks all share the
same energy. A level of deep connection.

Nature has a plan and a purpose, just be there and watch

While I was lying in the hospital in Munich, after the Doctor successfully removed my prostate,
I watched the trees under the spring sun, day by day. I watched the pigeon, the crow, waiting and receiving,
in their ways not very different from the trees they visited. And me, I was waiting too as nature was moving the Spring Energy from deep within....erasing and opening up my independence into a more complete world.

A bucket full of sunshine

It has been a warm "summer like" spring and we had little rain so far.
Some fell yesterday and nature rejoices . It feels like sunshine to the
trees and grasses . To-day, the 24th of February, it is cloudy again,
but dry. Nature is happy and flowers are coming out everywhere.


A New Year is a gift that has to be handled with great care!
It has all potentials in it, so we have to listen to the needs
before we do anything. Let LOVE rule.

Albuquerque workshop: "reunion of friends"

Even the weather was refreshing during these wonderful four days in which our friendship became the binding force to shedding new light onto the practice of yoga, in which the breath became the leading force by which we traveled into our inner world. With many thanks to Rama Jyoti Vernon for connecting all of us with the knowledge from the Vedas. A great compliment to our friends Zoreh and Charlie, who went out of their way to make this event a great success!

Rochester course

This is the familiar view that I have seen for many years and now that the leaves have fallen and Mark and Carrie are in the process of selling their house, this is my goodbye to this house also! Thank you Mark for your work to get this course up and running. I really did enjoy seeing all the people that came to your studio....With love, Victor.

Yellow Springs workshop

The Yellow Autumn in Yellow Springs
We did get a feedback about how helpful it seems to be if you have the chance to be in a longer workshop from the beginning to the end. It gives one a chance to get deep inside and after getting a more clear vision of the internal flow of energy, the active practice makes much more sense....
We are grateful that Patricia and her great helpers were once again there to give us all a chance to be together for a 5 day course. Thank you Patricia and Andrew for hosting us!!!

Unfolding your back wings

In Oakland we were received in the beautiful yoga center Namaste and we want to thank Kimberly for the great job in creating the center and her organizing of this event, giving us the chance to meet many of our good old friends...
We are so happy to have the chance to be together with Barbara and Andrei in their cozy Berkeley home and the way they spoiled us with their warm welcoming support. LOVE, Angela and Victor.


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