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Unfolding your back wings

In Oakland we were received in the beautiful yoga center Namaste and we want to thank Kimberly for the great job in creating the center and her organizing of this event, giving us the chance to meet many of our good old friends...
We are so happy to have the chance to be together with Barbara and Andrei in their cozy Berkeley home and the way they spoiled us with their warm welcoming support. LOVE, Angela and Victor.

Workshop in Seattle

My grateful thanks for this sweet experience goes to Melissa Middlebrook for getting us all into this wonderful yoga place so that all the animals that inspire our teaching could transform into new beings that supported our internal openings of endless exploration. The udderly happy cowdog !

Greater Baltimore Yoga

Indian Summer meditation in Timonium MD.
It is Sunday afternoon and I have closed my yoga course here in this excellent warm weather, while the trees are changing colour by the day. I would like to thank my dear friend Stan Andrzejewski for all the work he took upon himself to get me here and want to thank Jean for all her administrative input ,having it run smoothly.

Chapel Hill yoga event

The doors into the yoga event in Chapel Hill were once again opened wide by Molly Drake and with great assistance from all people that turned up to create this feeling of celebration. Thank you Molly, Jock,Bev and Bernd for all your input.


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