Angela Farmer

Yoga DVDs, CDs

Uncovering Your Own Inner World

A set of four audio cds, each approximately 1 hour 10 minutes, guiding the listener on a rich exploration of the inner world through movement and meditation.

The Base Chakra

In this profound CD, Angela guides us in an exploration of our base, in its physical, energetic, and emotional dimensions. 80 minutes.

Finding Your Own Practice

Audio Recordings (set of 6)

"Finding Your Own Practice" is a series of six 1.5 to 2 hour audio recordings edited from Angela's 2011 Yellow Springs Workshop. Over 10 hours of teaching!

Roots & Wings

In this 4 CD set, each CD contains a complete 45 minute practice, with guided meditation, breathwork, and movement.

Listening to Inner Voices

Audio CD (1 CD)

This single CD contains guided meditations to bring you more in touch with your true inner being, bringing your awareness to your Higher Inner Voices.

A Personal Journey: Breath with Angela Farmer

Audio CD (2-CD set)

Angela's two and one half hour two-CD set contains her talks including Rooting Like a Tree, Inanna's Story, Loving all your Children, and talks, instructions and guided meditations on breath. Lisa Stendig was inspired to spend 300 hours editing recordings from workshop classes to create this beautiful double CD that focuses on Angela's teachings about the Breath.

Inner Body Flow

Angela Farmer's newest video, "Inner Body Flow", is an introduction to the vibrant concepts of Inner Body Yoga. This DVD video allows the student to participate at their own level as Angela instructs a class. Angela Farmers writes, "I look for the energy that flows through all of of us and brings with it a sense of freedom and joy."

The Feminine Unfolding

A timeless yoga classic! "The Feminine Unfolding" tells the story of Angela's yoga journey and explores key themes that have shaped her practice.

Victor van Kooten

Art and Yoga

Living Breath, From Inside Out (Book IV)

Victor's fourth book: Living Breath, From Inside Out, an exploration and description of breath and yogic energy, in the manner of Angela's and Victor's yoga teaching, Is now available for purchase. This book has just been published and is available from Ganesha Press.

From Inside Out: (Book III) Body Energy

The third yoga notebook, is a deluxe, large size, 140-page book of new text and all new drawings and illustrations.

From Inside Out (Book II)

Based on the positive response to our first book -- From Inside Out, we are pleased to offer you "From Inside Out II." This, our second yoga notebook, is a deluxe, large size, 160-page book of all new text and all new drawings and illustrations. Click for a preview.

From Inside Out (Book I)

"From Inside Out" is a yoga notebook from the teachings of Angela & Victor. Click for a look inside.

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