Nov 10, 2021 to Dec 17, 2021

Being with The Garden of Earthly Delights

Exploration of Hieronymous Bosch's painting
Victor van Kooten

Victor is excited to announce a three-part video conversation with friend and student Blake Tedder about 16th century painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. Where other commentaries on this incredible painting refer to the stunning detail and premonitory themes, Victor approaches the painting largely through the lens of inner transformation. Victor and Blake explore this painting in-depth and touch on the Bosch's method and style and the more straightforward social commentary on display, but they also chat about what the artist may have been communicating about our internal world and process.


The painting can be seen in great detail here.

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Nov 25, 2021 to Dec 19, 2021


Breath, The Beloved
Angela Farmer

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Breath, the Beloved

Series of four or eight 90-minute sessions. Join live or via recordings anytime.
Thursdays- November 25, December 2, 9, 16  and/or  Sundays- November 28, December 5, 12, 19
Greece 6pm, Europe 5pm, UK 4pm, USA EST 11am, USA PST 8am, Time in Your Location

Join us in exploring the tremendous beauty, power, and healing potential of the breath. We will slow down in wonder and meet the breath . . . both in stillness and movement . . . visiting weakened or traumatized areas to find back their true power and healing, and discover how we can become more fully ‘alive’.

The Thursday and Sunday sessions will have the same themes but evolve differently (see description below). Designed so that students can participate in either series or deepen their explorations with both (at a discounted rate)


  • Who is this breath?   
  • Is it female, male or otherwise?  How do we sense, feel, receive it?
  • Can we experience our breath as it flows and touches different places in the body?
  • It is called the ‘Breath of Life’.   
  • So let's leave CONTROL behind and explore a little of what this means to you personally and discover how we become more fully ‘alive’ as we slow down in wonder and meet the breath . . . both in stillness and in movement.


  • Just as wind can change from a gentle breeze to a tornado, the breath experience may manifest in as many ways as the weather! Each one reveals a unique ‘inner climate’ and emotion that leads to balance, release, and healing.
  • We shall ‘unravel’  some of these to understand the origin of Yogic terms such as Bhastrika, Kumbhaka, and others.
  • Through inner awareness and movement we can visit weakened or traumatized areas with the breath to find back their true power and healing


  • This is a fun and enlightening exploration of breath and our unique differences between Left and Right sides of the body.    
  • Life is all about connecting and our ‘underground internal channels’ of energy are vital if we want to feel fully alive! Through lack of use, trauma, injury, and habit, some of these channels become blocked and ultimately cause us problems or even disease.
  • Of course there are natural and normal differences in our two sides, but clearing channels  opens and keeps the energy flowing through the whole body and may bring a sparkle to your eyes!
  • Then the process of Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril breathing) becomes effortless so that there is no need to press your thumb and fingers on your nose!


  • This is the out-come of all our inner work. Now finally the most intimate and beautiful relationship with breath can slowly unfold. Peace beyond words, flows over and through us . . . at first just in glimpses but, as some of you already have surely experienced, seeps into our lives, transforming what seemed impossible.


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Breath, the Beloved