The valley of Eftalou

It was many years ago that we came upon this beautiful valley one evening when after enjoying a swim and soaking in the healing waters of the Eftalou Hot Springs we found a small and shady lane that led away from the sea.
Winding past fig and cypress trees and through abundant olive yards it led us into a hidden valley as an idyllic landscape opened up with terraced hills, rocky out-crops and rugged mountains stark against the blue sky. We were spell-bound and felt that finally we had perhaps arrived in the most perfect place to build a Yoga hall and our future home!
This was a dream and impossible to realize at that time so we continued with our teaching across the world and offering courses in Molivos.

Then twelve years later, the same day that we were leaving the island, we were able to purchase a plot of land in the centre of the valley!
It took five years and numerous set backs but the house was built and our dream was fulfilled when the first group arrived and we started to teach in what felt like a 'temple'…… our Eftalou Yoga Hall!

Everyone who comes here seems deeply touched by the power and beauty of this valley and they sense a healing atmosphere inside the building. For us each day we are still amazed at the gifts we receive and the sense of peace and deep connection we feel with the land, the trees, the animals and all who make the journey here to rest and to clarify their life-direction through Yoga.

Around the Eftalou Yoga Hall

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A beautiful, fertile and peaceful valley with landscapes of the mountains, olive groves, the sea, and the Turkish coastline - about 4 km from Molivos.
There is a therapeutic natural hot springs on the sea, sea bathing on beautiful rocky beaches, several hotels and tavernas on the sea. The Yoga Hall is in this area, set in a quiet olive grove with gentle breezes and nature sounds.

The nearby village of Molyvos

Molivos, on the Island of Lesvos, is a small picturesque town situated on the north coast, with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea, the coast of Turkey, olive groves and mountains. Built on the side of a hill, it is crowned with a medieval castle.

The narrow cobblestone streets, many overhung with wisteria, lead up through the Agora, or marketplace, and down to the sheltered harbor where colorful boats nestle alongside the open-air tavernas. There is sea bathing, water sports, and good walking in the hills.

Yoga students are made very welcome in Molivos and Eftalou.


Transport between Molivos and Eftalou is easy and inexpensive. Taxi shared with students, motor scooter, bicycle, hitchhiking, car rental and walking. There are busses for travel between Molyvos and Eftalou. Some hotels in Eftalou have free shuttles to Molivos several times a day.

Cars and scooters can be rented in Molyvos. Be sure to mention that you are part of Victor and Angela's Yoga-group for a possible discount.


A good variety of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables are available in local stores.
There are also hotel-restaurants and Greek tavernas, coffee bars and bakeries. If you have any special dietary needs, we recommend you bring what you require with you. Vegetarians are very happy in Greece and there is plenty of fresh fish.

Eftalou weather

Currently, there is no weather information available.

Generally speaking, the weather in Eftalou is similar to Northern California.
Something warm for evening is always good. Molivos stores have a reasonable selection of clothing, sweaters, etc.


There are several reasonably priced Hotels in the Eftalou area, a short walk to the Yoga Hall. Molivos (about 4 km away from the Yoga Hall) provides many alternatives - hotels, studios, guesthouses, rooms in local homes and apartments.
Rooms in homes are simple but clean, most include private showers and some have cooking facilities. If you plan on spending the full Course staying in a hotel or private home, ask for a price reduction; sometimes you can bargain a lower price if you agree to stay for the full Course.
Most Hotels have WIFI. Also Internet cafes.
ATM: Work well most of the time

We have compiled a list of housing options.
Please email

Note: Taxi and room prices are approximate, unless noted. Prices can vary yearly with the changing dollar/euro exchange. Best to check when you book your room and if you book a taxi.

We recommend arriving 2-3 days early, if possible, to acclimate.

The Eftalou Yoga Hall

The building was designed according to our taste and needs. We had to adjust and change some of our original plans by local building codes since archeologist found some early roman coins (100BC) early glass, necklace and many pottery chards. We had to change the foundations and bring part of the building 1.70m up in order to accommodate a cellar, where we could store blankets bolsters and yoga mats, as well as accommodate a small library.

We had to create more steps with natural stones on either side on top of which I designed three intertwined ropes tying the building to the environment like a ship to the land with manila roping. At the same time we were thinking of an umbilical cord coming in from the outside world. Then a snake was born and shaped a head and tail, suggesting it's body going through the whole bolding, being the whole building.

The Snake

The original idea behind the snake at the entrance of The Eftalou Yoga Hall was to tie the building to the environment like a ship to the land. Hence the structure of it's skin resembling manila roping. Also the idea of an umbilical cord coming from the outside world with three winding channels turning it into a snake.

*Since the open mouth looked a bit aggressive I put an apple into it. Suddenly bringing it to the bible story of how we lost paradise.
The snake that could talk to our feminine side promising knowledge about the creation (our masculine side is too busy doing things to be able to get any attention) and introduce physical shame. The snake was made all evil and leaving us with a curiosity to find out about our existence, the "why", the "how", the "science of being".

Religion seemed to have condemned science in it's root. In India the yogic and ayurvedic science goes hand in hand with religious practices, though western science seems to question some of their "believes" and even ridicules them. On the other hand there are daily discoveries in the scientific world that seem to celebrate some age old Indian known facts. The snake is the spinal energy that lies at the root of all movements. The materialising of that energy that flows between heaven and earth is thrown down to slither over the earth after offering the apple to Eve and Adam (the uncoiling snake can still rise out of any basket and climb any three). When humans rest and sleep, that snake spine is also horizontal and we get into subconscious dream state. This is the shadow side of the conscious knowing. Is the erect spine the course of the rise of the intellect?
In yoga we experiment with all possible positions, observing our body and mind as we join them together.

Travel to Eftalou

About Athens

If you have a long layover in the Athens airport, the Sofitel Hotel directly across from the airport has a nice restaurant and lounge…good food, quiet and smoke-free areas. Overnight rooms are expensive ($250) but bargains can be found booking on Internet. I’ve heard that you can book a pedicure or manicure at the hotel’s spa, and have access to their pool, sauna, showers and lockers.

There is a Holiday Inn very near the airport and is about half the cost of the Sofitel, with a free shuttle from the airport.

There are many other hotels a train ride away from the airport in Athens.

The second floor of the airport is more quiet and has a nice restaurant, The Olive Tree, a chapel and a small archaeological museum on the second floor.

From Athens to Mytilini (Lesvos)


Most of the major airlines serve Athens. MJT is the airline abbreviation for Mytilini, Lesvos. Aegean Airlines operate from Athens to Mytilini. From Europe there are charter flights available from several cities directly to Mytilini.


12-hour overnight trip from Piraeus (the harbor for Athens) to Mytilene. Check with the Port Authority in Piraeus about sailings and prices. Phone: 30-142-86-9120

From Mytilini to Molivos and Eftalou

A 1+ hour taxi ride around 70-75 euros. Set the price with driver at the start. Your hotel can book a taxi for you, or you can call our friend:

Yorgos Stamatis
Phone: 30-693-244-2197
He speaks good basic English.

There is a bus that runs from the bus station in Mytilene to Molivos for 5 euros usually every other hour or so. You will take a taxi from the airport to the bus station.


Check with your airline or travel agent regarding baggage weight limits. Take some toiletries and essentials in a carry-on bag, just in case.