Victor's Tea Recipe

Picture of Victor's Chai Tea ingredients

2½ liter water in a big pan, for the first boil-up with slices of ginger (amount can vary according to the quality of the fresh root. Organic fresh ginger is tasting much stronger, so use less)

Add an all-finger-grab of orange peel pieces
Add two lifts (using all fingers) of cardamom seeds without their shells
Add 4 or 5 anise-stars, broken up
Add cinnamon quills, broken up
Add two lifts (using all fingers) of coriander all ground up
Add 3 or 4 cloves
Add 8 or 9 or 10 black pepper corns all ground up

Bring to a boil. After several minutes of simmering, put over-half of it in another pot.
Add more cold water to the brew and boil it all up several minutes, for later consumption.

To make a cup of chai, I use black tea (first flush Darjeeling, for it acts as another spice, not being too overpowering taste wise) with honey and whole milk.

Mostly all is organically grown... Why pollute your body more with pleasant addictions!