What you can expect

Victor's drawing Elements coming together
Photo made inside the Eftalou Yoga Hall, Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece

A warm welcome to start your own inner exploration within the framework of a both playful and deeply experiential yoga class.

Asanas are the outcome of feeling and moving on energy in many different directions. We are not so interested in the perfection of poses but rather your own personal and unique exploration.
This is a process that takes us to places in our body that move easily and places that feel blocked, inactive or even painful. Often we tend to avoid or work around places that hold onto our experiences of old injury, trauma or frustration that have lodged deep within our cells encased in discomfort and fear.
They long for our conscious connection, the presence of our breath and gentle movement that can help them to slowly release. Respect and awareness within the map of our body does not force or hold expectations but simply allows a natural unfolding.
As we grow more connected with this process our mind reconnects to our bodies, emotions may release as we begin to experience the deep joy of being who we are.

We offer instructions and experience from our own practice and understanding of Yoga but within the structure of the class there is freedom of interpretations.
Meditation, breath and movement are not separated but sometimes one aspect is focussed in greater detail to add depth to the practice.

Using images of Nature we may guide you to greater freedom and ease of movement and most important...
The joy of discovering your own personal practice!