Picture of Angela Farmer together with Victor van Kooten at the Eftalou Beach in Molyvos on the island Lesvos.

Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse is galloping along and so are we!
Two wonderful groups attended our May and June courses in Eftalou.
The teaching seems to go deeper each time and students are ever more ready to take the dive, even if sometimes un expecting it they just topple into the 'Underground journey' and find themselves letting go of more than they imagined!
With body and senses clean and cleared, the joys of a turquoise sea, an early morning soak in the healing Hot Springs or a quiet meal under fig-trees as the sun sets over the horizon all seem more delicious and vivid as the days go by.
Family visiting from Canada and USA and then presenting and teaching at the Athens Yoga Symposium filled the time for me between courses with love and joy and in July we flew off to Bavaria and taught for Maria Kluge who had organised a six day retreat in her beautiful home Osterloh near in the foot-hills of the Alps.
It was designed for teachers of young children who live in impoverished areas and/or come from abusive homes. The core-group was from Baltimore but several others from European countries added to the international flavour. All big-hearted and wonderful people who above all loved and cared for "their children". Maria once again proved her generosity and hospitaliy were a life-changing opportunity for all.
Here from our bed-room window... bathing beauties in the garden pond..

And now we spend a few days in London in our little room on the fifth floor.. a 'nest in the clouds' above West Hampstead'.......a perfect place to rest and recover.
here is a view from the kitchen in the evening Sunshine.

And one in the early morning from our bed-room.

Rest and 'unwind'

Back in Eftalou

Dear Friends and Family
Back in Eftalou...we are enjoying a quiet time to rest and 'unwind' ....whilst..

the garden grows wild and wonderful!

...the garden grows wild and wonderful!

Julia in her beautiful place near Sebastapool and Tamara's healing work

My time in California was both full and fulfilling! The teaching was exciting with many old friends and new ones all receptive to the way this work had deepened and is evolving.
A weekend with Julia in her beautiful place near Sebastapool and Tamara's healing work,

followed by three days in Harbin Hot Springs was food for body and soul!

Here is the bed in the room I was given at Hotel Whitcomb during my Pre-Conference workshop and Presentation at the Conference for Yoga and Psychology in San Francisco.
I chose to sleep on the floor as the bed was too soft and what to do with all those pillows???!

My base was with Kate and Eric in their stunning home high up in Mill Valley where the sea mist climbs over the hills like the long fingers of a dragon in the early mornings.
Time with Tia, David and Lisa fun and joyful....... and although due to flight delays and lost connections that stretched my return journey to three days, finding Victor waiting for me in Athens airport at 3.30am and hearing that his test showed he was cancer-free and no need for Radiation.... all tiredness vanished in a moment!
Sending you all love and gratitude

Archetypical Awareness of Duality

Awareness needs space and a total acceptance of what we are, not only this or only that. But all the colors of the rainbow. It asks for a certain detachment. The sun can't shine all the light through the thick rainclouds, yet with some space between the sun and the rain falling , we become aware of the colors of the appearing rainbow.
Adam and Eve walking as one with trees and creatures in paradise were told not to eat the fruits from the tree of good and evil, the tree of duality that would throw them out of this state of unity. But the energy that gives birth to everything demands this consuming of duality!s fruitfulness and so the snake sitting in this tree tempted the humans to eat and become able to see two sides of everything. ( I found it always silly to see paintings depicting the shameful state that came over them with some accidental arrival of leaves in front of their genitalia, whereas we are teaching the rooting down into the earth, for we are still a hundred percent part of nature).
The sin is the inescapable blessing of living on this planet. The snake in the tree of life is the healing symbol of the energetic force that moves around the spinal energy, widening and narrowing , inhaling and exhaling.
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Awareness of Chaos and Knowing ( a watercolor)

Sitting and facing an empty sheet of watercolor paper, I find myself in a state where I give all controll away and waiting for whatever will come. I feel rather helpless and float in a state of Chaos.
Through my yoga practice I connect with that similar state by desolving whatever has clung to me, grabbing me as if it were essential to my existence ...a curious state of "not-knowing".
Out of this state of Chaos questions rise, waves apearing on the surface of a deep ocean. And answers are the offering of a temporal formation, giving a stability until the answer looses its meaning and falls back into the Chaos where it belonged.

A New Year is only new when the Old Year has been left behind.
( do not take what you believe in and have relied on, into your present moment, even if it has been accepted to have withstood the tooth of time, historic facts or a holy book)

We are gifted both with Ignorance and Knowledge, but are we able to accept that fact and give our attention to them equally?

Science and Religeon both have a place in our lives, but are we able to accept that and question their meaningfulness ?

We are refugees living in Chaos with no identity papers and no country nor properties, yet we are citizens living in a preset world of laws and rules, trying to forget our vulnerabillity while we ride on the wave of this moment....

Myths are fingers pointing to the moon

When I look at the myth around the depiction of Patanjali, who was said to have written the yoga sutras, I wonder why his lower body showed the curled-up tail of a snake. The story about his birth tells of a reincarnation of Adisesa, the snake in the ocean of bliss, onto which Vishnu resides and how he fell from the sky into the hands of his devotional mother as a little tiny snake, who then took the human form of Patanjali, asking her to accept him as her son.

One of his famous yoga sutras is about asana: "To be seated effortless and with great comfort within your body".

The oceanic waves and the snake are two depictions of the same"flowing"experience that come about by releasing the deepest levels of any HOLDING. It is only then that the snake can be felt as a blissful movement within a silent and receptive body....
I chose to depict the lower part of a Patanjali as an AUM sign rising out of the ocean and onto the land, for that mantra AUM is also the final sound that is received in total inner silence.
Looking for meanings behind any myth can bring us into contact with the archetypical layers from where we all rise, the source of great wisdom flowing out into a limitless space, bringing about many different messages.