Picture of Angela Farmer together with Victor van Kooten at the Eftalou Beach in Molyvos on the island Lesvos.


Dear friends and students...
I have neglected  this Blog for too long but  life has been very  full, wonderful and challenging.  
I hope now to restart and keep up this connection with you all from time to time!
Victor asked me to let you know about next year’s schedule so here goes!   
Our May and June courses this year dwindled in numbers, so we have decided to just offer one course June.  
There will be a September two week course as usual and since I shall be on tour in the USA in October, Victor is offering  his own course which is exciting as so many people have asked for this.  
We shall see how all this works and are open to your suggestions and changes for next year.!

Looking forward to meeting old friends and new in this beautiful valley of Eftalou!
With love to you all

Year of the Horse

The Year of the Horse is galloping along and so are we!
Two wonderful groups attended our May and June courses in Eftalou.
The teaching seems to go deeper each time and students are ever more ready to take the dive, even if sometimes un expecting it they just topple into the 'Underground journey' and find themselves letting go of more than they imagined!
With body and senses clean and cleared, the joys of a turquoise sea, an early morning soak in the healing Hot Springs or a quiet meal under fig-trees as the sun sets over the horizon all seem more delicious and vivid as the days go by.
Family visiting from Canada and USA and then presenting and teaching at the Athens Yoga Symposium filled the time for me between courses with love and joy and in July we flew off to Bavaria and taught for Maria Kluge who had organised a six day retreat in her beautiful home Osterloh near in the foot-hills of the Alps.
It was designed for teachers of young children who live in impoverished areas and/or come from abusive homes. The core-group was from Baltimore but several others from European countries added to the international flavour. All big-hearted and wonderful people who above all loved and cared for "their children". Maria once again proved her generosity and hospitaliy were a life-changing opportunity for all.
Here from our bed-room window... bathing beauties in the garden pond..

And now we spend a few days in London in our little room on the fifth floor.. a 'nest in the clouds' above West Hampstead'.......a perfect place to rest and recover.
here is a view from the kitchen in the evening Sunshine.

And one in the early morning from our bed-room.

Find the latest teachings of Angela and Victor on our “PRODUCTS” page

Due to the difficulties that the Covid-19 pandemic has created, which forced many yoga teachers and practitioners to shift to on-line teachings, we have made a 10 hour long yoga teaching that can be purchased on our products page, together with all the DVDs , CDs and books available.
May we all keep the search for greater awareness going as we develop a deeper acceptance of our ever-expending inner space.

The Nature And Us/The Nature In Us

These days of forced quiet times, being locked in our sheltering homes, homes we built to protect us from the unpredictable and for ever changing Natural influences, could make us realize that Nature is the only Reality which seems to have the first and last word.
Being born out of a natural process of lovemaking and ending in death through the natural process of decay.
What we have done in between these two events is different for everyone, except for the fact that it did not change Nature itself in any possible way. We have created systems: economic-,religious-,philosophical- and medical-systems, but Nature remains essentially untamed and untouched by all of it.....
If we watch Nature in the animals and in the plants and trees all around us, we are able to recognize a bit of ourselves in these observations! Or we could still hold on with ignorance that we humans are the crown of Nature’s species, being It’s highest developmental state...Making us responsible for it’s well-being and therefore we are to decide what to do with this living planet and if possible the whole of this universe.
Of all that the Yoga Systems is able to offer us, “Self-Reflection” might be the only important one. Without that all the other practices might lead to the arrogance that will keep the systems more important than that which “Natural Life” already offers!