Picture of Angela Farmer together with Victor van Kooten at the Eftalou Beach in Molyvos on the island Lesvos.

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Autumn Workshops in Greece

Dear Friends and Students,

After so long in the covid restrictions we feel finally and gratefully able to open back up our beautiful teaching hall and will be offering two courses this Autumn.  Angela holds a Retreat for Women in September. Victor and Angela will teach a two week course in October. Please email Patricia Schneider for details about these workshops (
We really look forward to meeting you will be a most joyful occasion and a lovely time of the year to be on Lesvos!

Of course we have no control over what Governments ands Airlines may do, so make sure you have travel insurance!!

With much love
Angela and Victor



"In these May sessions, we shall explore breath and movement to bring about inner spaciousness, energy, and a joyful presence. If we live vibrantly in our bodies, everyday experiences offer deeper meaning, we see situations more clearly and delight in simply being alive! This series will be a chance to meet ourselves in many different ways and places from the inside-out!" ~ Angela

Series of four or eight 90-minute Zoom classes. Join live or via recordings.

Thursdays May 5-26 and/or Sundays May 8-29
USA 9am PT/12pm ET, UK 5pm, Central Europe 6pm, Eastern Europe 7pm,

Your Location Designed so that students can participate in either series or deepen their explorations with both (with a 35% discount for the 2nd series).

More info and registration at:

Tree of Life (March Zoom Series)

Angela pictured next to the trunk of a large tree

Click here to Register for Angela's March Zoom Workshop "Tree of Life"

Dear Friends and Students,

With the light and promise of Spring approaching, Earth-energy is rising to bring us renewed love in living, as we dive further into sacred practice . . . on our way home to ourselves!

This journey back to a 'personal truth' is as ancient as our time on this planet and has forever been connected with the great wisdom of TREES, that preceded us by thousands if not millions of years!

Our March series is about living our 'TREE-NESS'!

  1. The energy that takes us underground through our roots, gives us stability, nourishment, and comfort.
  2. Our blood that carries life-giving energy to every cell of our bodies is intimately connected through breath with the trees.
  3. Internal power from all our inner-body work and exploration . . . helps us to remain back in ourselves and in this moment . . . close to our True Voice.
  4. Like branches expanding out from the heart and lungs we embrace the miracle of being Alive and find ways to share this.
  5. Finally and silently we rest in the stillness of being . . . space and light.

My hope is to offer experiences that you may use and evolve further for times of stress or uncertainty to remain grounded, empowered, sure of where you stand, and to feel who you truly are!

There will be time in each session to continue our exploration of breath, prayer, and meditation. If you have a question or request (that can be put in one sentence!) please let me know.

The theme is constant but each session will be different!

Thank you once again for all your healing thoughts, words, and prayers.

Slowly and little by little . . . life and movement returns. I am not the same, but that is OK and gratitude is immense!

With love to you all,

Come See A&V in Eftalou in Fall '22

(A Note from Angela and Victor's team)

We are excited to announce that Angela and Victor will be hosting two amazing retreats again at their yoga hall in Eftalou, Greece this fall. Please click "Schedule" above or scroll down to the schedule at the bottom of the page to learn about each. After such a long time, Angela and Victor are thrilled to invite people back to Eftalou to experience the slow and nourishing Mediterranean pace of life and yoga sessions with ample time and space to gently unwind what's been knotted up in the last two years and to explore deeper dimensions of our earthly bodies and ourselves. These two workshops are a wonderful opportunity to completely reset and restore. We hope to see you in Greece. We can feel the sea and the wind in our hair already!

September 18 - 30, 2022
Eftalou Women’s Retreat
A 2-Week Course for Women with Angela Farmer in Eftalou,  on the Island of Lesvos, Greece

October 17 - 29, 2022
Eftalou Yoga
A 2-Week Course with Angela Farmer and Victor vanKooten in Eftalou, on the island of Lesvos, Greece. 

Best wishes,

- Angela and Victor's team

Interview on J. Brown Yoga Talks Podcast

J Brown Yoga Talks Logo

Victor and Angela recently spoke with J Brown from the popular J Brown Yoga Talks podcast. J's enthusiasm for slowing down and gently disrupting rigid models of yoga asana (and the yoga scene, in general) made for a delightful conversation that many of Victor and Angela's students will enjoy. Tune in on your favorite podcast app or right from J Brown's website.

From the show notes:

"Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten talk with J about exploring our inner worlds and the power of formlessness. They discuss their early experiences with BKS Iyengar, how things changed over time and deciding to go a different way, fear-based teaching vs permission to make your own determinations, playfulness rather than striving, tapping into our "animal insides," feeling into things rather than thinking them, relinquishing control, receiving natures wisdom, and honoring the elemental part of ourselves and the environment."


Being with The Garden of Earthly Delights

Victor is excited to announce a three-part video conversation with with friend and student Blake Tedder about 16th century painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. Where other commentaries on this incredible painting refer to the stunning detail and premonitory themes, Victor approaches the painting largely through the lens of inner transformation. Victor and Blake explore this painting in-depth and touch on the Bosch's method and style and the more straightforward social commentary on display, but they also chat about what the artist may have been communicating about our internal world and process.

Videos: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

The painting can be seen in great detail here.