Picture of Angela Farmer together with Victor van Kooten at the Eftalou Beach in Molyvos on the island Lesvos.

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SPACE: Living In and Beyond this Body

Welcome back dear friends for three or six slow and deep Zoom sessions before the Winter holidays!

For those of you who have joined before, it will be a continuation and deepening of your personal process and discovering more of YOU! For new-comers… just come with no expectations and allow your body to be your guide!

Looking forward to being with you all

With love

Living In and Beyond this Body

When we dare to release places that seem physically stuck, emotionally bound or mentally restricted …. we uncover a whole new landscape within and catch a glimpse of  ‘who we are‘ beyond this body! In these sessions we shall invite ‘space’ to be a more intimate part of our practice, our life, thus empowering our bodies from the inside and expanding our awareness outwards. We shall explore ways to release the harmful and thus be more open to receive an abundance of beauty, joy and love.

Creating a personal practice that is in harmony with our unique needs and how we feel each day, windows and doors begin to open, the body then softens and once in a while we are reunited with infinite space, freedom, and light.

To register visit:

A Farewell to Summer... (Online Class, 9/8)

Dear Friends,

I am offering a special Zoom Session designed to give you deep rest. Summer is beautiful, wild and sometimes stressful with all the activities, friends, families, long days, excitement and and . . . !

If you feel the need to just lie down and be guided into deep releases, unwinding tensions gathered over the last months, returning to a safe place of comfort, rest and revival deep inside . . . then join me for a SUBTERRANEAN JOURNEY!

Of course you can move, stretch, roll or dance . . . as it is YOUR time for whatever emerges, but the emphasis will be on dissolving within ourselves and the mysterious magic that waits to be uncovered . . . Be warned that you may fall away into deep sleep!

With Love and Delight,



Info and Registration:

A Farewell to Summer... Easing into the Calm of Early Autumn
September 8th: Greece 7pm, Uk 5pm, USA 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific
$45 Recording Included

Autumn Workshops in Greece

Dear Friends and Students,

After so long in the covid restrictions we feel finally and gratefully able to open back up our beautiful teaching hall and will be offering two courses this Autumn.  Angela holds a Retreat for Women in September. Victor and Angela will teach a two week course in October. Please email Patricia Schneider for details about these workshops (
We really look forward to meeting you will be a most joyful occasion and a lovely time of the year to be on Lesvos!

Of course we have no control over what Governments ands Airlines may do, so make sure you have travel insurance!!

With much love
Angela and Victor

Come See A&V in Eftalou in Fall '22

(A Note from Angela and Victor's team)

We are excited to announce that Angela and Victor will be hosting two amazing retreats again at their yoga hall in Eftalou, Greece this fall. Please click "Schedule" above or scroll down to the schedule at the bottom of the page to learn about each. After such a long time, Angela and Victor are thrilled to invite people back to Eftalou to experience the slow and nourishing Mediterranean pace of life and yoga sessions with ample time and space to gently unwind what's been knotted up in the last two years and to explore deeper dimensions of our earthly bodies and ourselves. These two workshops are a wonderful opportunity to completely reset and restore. We hope to see you in Greece. We can feel the sea and the wind in our hair already!

September 18 - 30, 2022
Eftalou Women’s Retreat
A 2-Week Course for Women with Angela Farmer in Eftalou,  on the Island of Lesvos, Greece

October 17 - 29, 2022
Eftalou Yoga
A 2-Week Course with Angela Farmer and Victor vanKooten in Eftalou, on the island of Lesvos, Greece. 

Best wishes,

- Angela and Victor's team

Interview on J. Brown Yoga Talks Podcast

J Brown Yoga Talks Logo

Victor and Angela recently spoke with J Brown from the popular J Brown Yoga Talks podcast. J's enthusiasm for slowing down and gently disrupting rigid models of yoga asana (and the yoga scene, in general) made for a delightful conversation that many of Victor and Angela's students will enjoy. Tune in on your favorite podcast app or right from J Brown's website.

From the show notes:

"Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten talk with J about exploring our inner worlds and the power of formlessness. They discuss their early experiences with BKS Iyengar, how things changed over time and deciding to go a different way, fear-based teaching vs permission to make your own determinations, playfulness rather than striving, tapping into our "animal insides," feeling into things rather than thinking them, relinquishing control, receiving natures wisdom, and honoring the elemental part of ourselves and the environment."


Being with The Garden of Earthly Delights

Victor is excited to announce a three-part video conversation with with friend and student Blake Tedder about 16th century painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. Where other commentaries on this incredible painting refer to the stunning detail and premonitory themes, Victor approaches the painting largely through the lens of inner transformation. Victor and Blake explore this painting in-depth and touch on the Bosch's method and style and the more straightforward social commentary on display, but they also chat about what the artist may have been communicating about our internal world and process.

Videos: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3

The painting can be seen in great detail here.