Picture of Angela Farmer together with Victor van Kooten at the Eftalou Beach in Molyvos on the island Lesvos.

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Loving Kindness (Zoom Series)

Dear friends,

I hope you enjoyed a beautiful Summer and are feeling ready to explore more openings and unwinding in our up-coming November Zoom sessions? Like a snail slowly emerging from its shell we shall find ways to meet ourselves in many new places……creating space, warmth and presence.

Kindness is not always soft and cosy!

It asks us to meet resistance in the deepest places of our body and soul …..slowly, with patience and full attention. A release comes in its own time if what has been hiding in fear and holding tight for maybe even a lifetime feels surrounded by loving kindness and trusts us enough to finally let go.

Looking forward to this beautiful practice with you all very soon.

Peace and love,


Info and Registration: Loving Kindness (Zoom Series)

Join any time via recordings or live Thursdays and/or Sundays Nov 9- Dec 10 (No Classes on Nov 23 or 26)
9am USA PT, 12pm USA ET, 5pm UK, 6pm CET, 7pm EET

Join me in July

An exploration,
A celebration,
A deep dive….
As we come Back Home.
Meeting pain and blockages like dear old friends 
We shall Breathe and help them express, release, melt
And open us to space, freedom, lightness
And the vital power to be who we are once again,
Filled with the joy of Life in this Body!


"A Gift of Life in this Body" Zoom class series July 6-30 via recordings or live on Thursdays and Sundays.

(9am USA PT, 12pm USA ET, 5pm UK, 6pm CEST, 7pm EEST)


Learn more and register here: A Gift of Life in this Body

Invitation to Spring Zoom Workshops

Spring Zoom Series: Unfolding Fresh New Life, Deep Peace, and Joy
Equinox Greetings Friends and Students!

I write this on the ‘day of balance’ between light and dark, night and day, and the first day of

My vision for our next Zoom sessions is all about how and where to let go,
so that with breath and presence we fill the spaces that we have created in this body
with a sense of life and power, connecting us to our own true nature and the joy of Spring.

Unfolding is not without its struggle…..witness a butterfly emerging from its cocoon!
But once free, we are open to receive the gifts of sensation and experience.
We then continue with unfolding and stretching.

Small, intricate movements are very powerful and can help release tight places and a flow of energy throughout your body so that once you come to rest, the very center of your inner world exudes a quiet joy and happiness………even if all around is weird and crazy!

This workshop will be 2 sessions April 6th and 9th (the recording is included so not to worry if you can't join on those days or wish to revisit!).

Information and registration at: Unfolding Fresh New Life, Deep Peace, and Joy

May you all be well and happy
I look forward a lot to being with you all again and our slow deep journeys!

With love and delight,

We are in the Age of Aquarius

And the philosophy shifts to unity, but NOT into One World Government, but into excepting each other’s personal freedom of expression and dreams and beliefs.