Uncovering Your Own Inner World

Audio Cds (4-CD set)

Distilled from Angela's 2014 women's retreat in Lesvos, Greece, each cd takes the listener on a journey into their inner world through easy to follow movements and meditations. With four complete practices, Angela offers a somatic experience of connecting with and exploring our inner world; communicating with and recovering lost, traumatized, or injured parts of ourselves; empowering ourselves from the inside- physically, energetically, and emotionally; the power of myths to express and guide us on our inner journey; receiving the breath as the beloved; relating to and learning from the earth and nature; rediscovering the primordial wave; unwinding, letting go of doing and the fore-brain, and moving and living from a more authentic source; and re-finding our roots and back body.

Any questions can be emailed to Tia (Tia.sacredpaths@gmail.com)